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  • POTA: LA-2535 Slottsfjellet Historic Site

    POTA: LA-2535 Slottsfjellet Historic Site

    Spring has taken a break, and it’s been pissing down for for most of the day! Tried my luck with a SOTA activation in spite of the rain, but after about an hour of battling continuously deeper wet snow, I gave up and returned to the car. I’m sure it’s a nice summit, but I […]

  • SOTA: LA/VF-012 Røysa

    SOTA: LA/VF-012 Røysa

    Summer is slowly but firmly tightening its grip on the Norwegian weather, so I decided to make the most of it and activate a few summits this sunny Saturday. First one out, and a new one for me, was LA/VF-012, Røysa. Two years since the last time it was activated, and going by the state […]

  • SOTA: LA/VF-017 Storås

    SOTA: LA/VF-017 Storås

    Winter is finally letting go, and today was this years first SOTA activation where I didn’t have to wade through snow to get to the summit. It was raining for most of the night and early morning, so I picked an easy one. And for once, that turned out to be true! Spent about 35 […]