POTA: LA-2535 Slottsfjellet Historic Site

Spring has taken a break, and it’s been pissing down for for most of the day! Tried my luck with a SOTA activation in spite of the rain, but after about an hour of battling continuously deeper wet snow, I gave up and returned to the car. I’m sure it’s a nice summit, but I think I’ll wait a few more weeks before trying that again. Happily the rain yielded, and we got a bit of sun in the late afternoon. Just enough for a quick POTA activation of my contender in “the great Norwegian kilo race” – LA-2535 Slottsfjellet Historic Site. I’m currently standing at 328 grams, well behind both Morten LB0FI and Kjetil LB4FH. After a somewhat slow start, things picked up, and I ended the 30 minute activation with 37 in the log. Absolutely acceptable!