SOTA: LA/TM-043 Sveinsbuvarden

For what was reported to be 2023s last day of summer weather, I went for a walk up LA/TM-043 Sveinsbuvarden. The summit at 746m above sea level a has 360° view of the surrounding mountains. The walk up was not much of a challenge, though half way up you’re given the option of taking a right for a shortcut to the summit. This trail isn’t as well marked, and is a bit more challenging, but still quite manageable for an overweight middle aged man. I’d recommend taking the shortcut on the way up and the slightly longer route back down. That way you get to see even more of the amazing scenery. I spent about 50 minutes on the way up (via the shortcut) and about the same going bach down the regular track. Nice radio conditions too. Brought the FT-891, Heil BM-17 and a vertical GP antenna with 3 elevated radials on a 10m DX Commander travel pole. 27 in the log om 20m SSB in about 17 minutes. Mostly Europe, but got one contact into South Carolina, KK6BT, coming in at 5/5 and got a 5/6 back. Vertical GP still doing it’s job. Very nice summit; will definitely be back next year. Or maybe even in December for the additional 3 winter points.