SOTA: LA/VF-012 Røysa

Summer is slowly but firmly tightening its grip on the Norwegian weather, so I decided to make the most of it and activate a few summits this sunny Saturday. First one out, and a new one for me, was LA/VF-012, Røysa. Two years since the last time it was activated, and going by the state of the track, that was possible the last time anyone was up there. Heavily overgrown and lots of fallen trees on the track. But a nice accent all the same. About 35 minutes going up and 30 minutes coming back down. From the summit at 319 metres above sea level, you have a nice view of the lake Farris. The sun was doing its best to keep me worm, but rather windy. I had an instant pile-up from the first CQ, and ended up with 23 in the log, and 3 summit-to-summits, in a little over 15 minutes. Totally acceptable!