SOTA: LA/TM-012 – Svarteberget

Finally! Feels like it been one thing after another on my SOTA outings lately! Dense forest, no track, heavy rain, or even all three! But today was rather perfect! It was pouring down on the drive there, but I decided to have faith in the forecasts, and boy did they deliver! The clouds broke, crisp 20° evening air and practically no wind. A nice logging road for about the first half, then a well marked and well trodden track the rest of the way up. Two of the steepest slopes even had ladders in them! Running the usual setup; FT-891 – 100W into 20m GP with 3 elevated radials. 20 contacts in short order, including VK2GND Mark (Australia) and a summit-to-summit with OM1ALT Michal (Slovak Republic) at OM/ZA-115 Brodnianka! The walk up was about 50 minutes, and I think I spent about the same coming back down. All in all an afternoon well spent! Will most definitely re-activate the summit next year!