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  • POTA: First Norwegian Kilo Award

    POTA: First Norwegian Kilo Award

    I did it! 1000 QSOs from the same park; LA-2535 Slottsfjellet Historic Site! Ever since LB0FI Morten told me he was working on his kilo award from LA-2532 Fredriksten festning National Military Park, I’ve been wanting to go for one for myself. And once I got my local high ground into the park registry I […]

  • SOTA: LA/VF-012 Røysa

    SOTA: LA/VF-012 Røysa

    Summer is slowly but firmly tightening its grip on the Norwegian weather, so I decided to make the most of it and activate a few summits this sunny Saturday. First one out, and a new one for me, was LA/VF-012, Røysa. Two years since the last time it was activated, and going by the state […]

  • SOTA: LA/VF-017 Storås

    SOTA: LA/VF-017 Storås

    Winter is finally letting go, and today was this years first SOTA activation where I didn’t have to wade through snow to get to the summit. It was raining for most of the night and early morning, so I picked an easy one. And for once, that turned out to be true! Spent about 35 […]

  • LA1T 2m SSB Net – Alternative Thursday

    LA1T 2m SSB Net – Alternative Thursday

    We’re trying new things! The LA1T ham radio club is starting up a new weekly activity; Alternative Thursday. We check in on 2m SSB at 144.325 before doing one round of signal reports. We then move on to testing some uncommon or unusual combination of frequency and modulation. This week we got to try SSB […]

  • POTA: LA-0873 Ilene Nature Reserve

    POTA: LA-0873 Ilene Nature Reserve

    Been under the weather all week and finally starting to feel better. And it seems like half the radio amateurs I know are heading up one (or more; yes Tord, I’m looking at you) SOTA summit! I really don’t have time to be ill next week too, so had the good sense to stay at […]

  • LA1T NVIS portable activity

    LA1T NVIS portable activity

    Last Sunday of the month means another LA1T NVIS portable activity on 80m and 60m. Now also including a quick VHF test at the end. That’s quite a bit of equipment for going portable. A total of three 10m DX Commander poles (one “travel” pole, two normal ones) with supports, 45m random wire antenna with […]