SOTA: LA/TM-248 Tiurkollen

Winter is fastening its grip once again, which means the forests around where I live are now free of ticks! I’ve been looking forwards to this for quite some time now. Of course activating in sub-zero temperatures has it’s own challenges, and I’m sure by the time spring comes around I’ll be more then happy to trade snow and ice for a few ticks. But for now I’m quite content. Haven’t been on a summit since I got back from Sardinia more the 3 weeks ago, so it’s good to be back on the hillsides. The plan is to activate a few more of the 1-pointers (in Norway that’s less then 500m) and save the 2-pointers for bonus season. There’s no bonus for the 1-pointers, but the 2-pointers become 5-pointers from December through March. So; just the little one for today. I find it slightly amusing that LA/TM-248 is exactly 284 meters above sea level. Easy going both up and down, but the routes available on does not follow particularly well trodden tracks. Next time I’m there I’ll keep driving for a few hundred metres past the kindergarten (where the routes on starts) and walk from there. Maybe 10m more metres of elevation, but the track is a lot easier to follow. 24 contacts in about 17 minutes on 20m. Happy with that!