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  • POTA: LA-2532 Fredriksten festning

    POTA: LA-2532 Fredriksten festning

    I joined Morten LB0FI activating LA-2532 Fredriksten festning today. Nice weather and acceptable temperature. And a great QTH with excellent conditions (at least on 10m and 20m). We rigged the 2 x 22m dipole on the 10m DX Commander mast. Fed by 300Ω ladder line from the CG3000 tuner. Tunes nicely from 10m down to […]

  • POTA: LA-0873 Ilene Nature Reserve

    POTA: LA-0873 Ilene Nature Reserve

    Been under the weather all week and finally starting to feel better. And it seems like half the radio amateurs I know are heading up one (or more; yes Tord, I’m looking at you) SOTA summit! I really don’t have time to be ill next week too, so had the good sense to stay at […]

  • LA1T NVIS portable activity

    LA1T NVIS portable activity

    Last Sunday of the month means another LA1T NVIS portable activity on 80m and 60m. Now also including a quick VHF test at the end. That’s quite a bit of equipment for going portable. A total of three 10m DX Commander poles (one “travel” pole, two normal ones) with supports, 45m random wire antenna with […]

  • LA1T 10m net – pedestrian portable

    LA1T 10m net – pedestrian portable

    Tried something different for the LA1T 10m net. Attached a telescopic CB antenna to my X6100 and went “pedestrian portable” from Signalen (145 meters above sea level). Running 5W into the ~1m long antenna sitting at eye-level was of course quite different from my normal setup running 100W into a sleeve dipole up a 10m […]

  • SOTA: LA/TM-013 – Vestre Vealøs

    SOTA: LA/TM-013 – Vestre Vealøs

    Catching up on documenting my SOTA adventures. Walked up Vestre Vealøs on a nice and sunny last of August. Parked the car at Store Skifjell (59.211, 9.716) and followed the gravel road all the way to the top; a total of a little less then 360m elevation and a round trip of about 9km. Very […]

  • LA1T NVIS portable activity

    LA1T NVIS portable activity

    Last Sunday of the month and time for portable NVIS with my local club, LA1T here in Tønsberg. Nice change of pace to focus on getting as much of the energy as possible straight up, as opposed to parallel to the ground like most of us normally do! I’ve had mixed experiences running NVIS from […]