POTA: LA-2532 Fredriksten festning

I joined Morten LB0FI activating LA-2532 Fredriksten festning today. Nice weather and acceptable temperature. And a great QTH with excellent conditions (at least on 10m and 20m). We rigged the 2 x 22m dipole on the 10m DX Commander mast. Fed by 300Ω ladder line from the CG3000 tuner. Tunes nicely from 10m down to 160m, but we quickly settled on 20. Morten self-spotted us, and that was the start of a 45 minute pile-up! We kept passing the mic back and forth, both of us logging the same 40-something contacts. The FT891 (@ 100W) chugging its way through almost 4Ah. Being a mostly digital operator, I must admit it was huge fun working alongside Morten and trying to keep up with his pace. Also, having an extra set of ears to pick the call signs out of the pile-up was a big help! Notable DX include 2 Canadians and 3 U.S.A-ians. In addition, I worked Kazakhstan on 10m FT4 before Morten arrived. I suspect a video is coming soon; follow LB0FI Norwegian Hamventures on YouTube:


Thanks you so much to all the hunters and to Morten for a very nice outing! Hopefully not our last!