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  • POTA: LA-2532 Fredriksten festning

    POTA: LA-2532 Fredriksten festning

    I joined Morten LB0FI activating LA-2532 Fredriksten festning today. Nice weather and acceptable temperature. And a great QTH with excellent conditions (at least on 10m and 20m). We rigged the 2 x 22m dipole on the 10m DX Commander mast. Fed by 300Ω ladder line from the CG3000 tuner. Tunes nicely from 10m down to […]

  • SOTA: LA/TM-013 Vestre Vealøs

    SOTA: LA/TM-013 Vestre Vealøs

    Starting the year of right with another trip up Vestre Vealøs. I was there August 31. last year too. I’ve got to say the weather was more that a little bit nicer then! Took another route this time, walking up from the west (Lensmannsseter). About 3.2km, and 250m elevation. The trip up was icy, but […]

  • SOTA: LA/VF-013 Jordstøyp

    SOTA: LA/VF-013 Jordstøyp

    Last activation of the year, and I was hoping to do a 2+3 pointer, but didn’t manage to get away before 2 in the afternoon. So, I had to make do with an “easy” one. The walk up is only about two kilometres, but the total ascent is close to 250m – and most of […]

  • Every day should be field day: Frodeåsen

    Every day should be field day: Frodeåsen

    Time for a break from Christmas related activities; let’s get out of the noise and up onto higher ground. I’m lucky enough to live in a city, and still have access to nature and high-ish ground within walking distance of my home! Was planing a SOTA activation today, but that didn’t happen! So the next […]

  • SOTA: LA/AH-007 – Varden, Håøya

    SOTA: LA/AH-007 – Varden, Håøya

    First time activating an island today. Håøya sits at the narrowest point in the Oslo fjord, and is just a 15 minutes ferry ride from Drøbak. The summit rests at 231m which sounded like a proverbial “walk in the park”. What I forgot to consider is that in the case of an island, you literally […]

  • SOTA: LA/BU-032 Stikkvannskollen

    SOTA: LA/BU-032 Stikkvannskollen

    Nice trip up Stikkvannskollen with its 361 meters above sea level. Well established tracks and the best signage I’ve come across on a SOTA trip so far! Didn’t stop yours truly from making a wrong turn on the way down though; causing an equal mix of annoyance and pride in my companion, who had suggested the […]