SOTA: LA/TM-013 Vestre Vealøs

Starting the year of right with another trip up Vestre Vealøs. I was there August 31. last year too. I’ve got to say the weather was more that a little bit nicer then! Took another route this time, walking up from the west (Lensmannsseter). About 3.2km, and 250m elevation. The trip up was icy, but with proper “snow chains” for my boots didn’t present much of a problem. I spent a little over an hour walking up, and a little less then an hour back down. At LA7MHA, Tords suggestion, I tried VHF simplex, and actually managed to complete the activation only with locals on my clubs unofficial simplex frequency. As I already had the 20m antenna up, I figured I’d try some FT4/FT8 as well, and got another 12 contacts in the log. Nice walk, and still the same spectacular view. This may be a good candidate for a January 1. SOTA tradition…

  • LA7MHA, Tord (Nøtterøy, Norway) – 2m
  • LB4PI, Anders (Skien, Norway) – 2m
  • LA2NCA, Knut (Tofte, Norway) – 2m
  • LB7XH, Eivind (Sandefjord, Norway) – 2m
  • LA2IZ, Thor (Porsgrunn, Norway) – 20m
  • M3FON, Darrian (England) – 20m
  • RN3GG, Vladimir (Russia) – 20m
  • LB0UG, Joop (Kvaløya, Norway) – 20m
  • DD1JD, Dirk (Germany) – 20m
  • GI5CEO, Geordie (Northern Ireland) – 20m
  • 2E0FQT, John (England) – 20m
  • M6GPH, Greg (England) – 20m
  • UR3CFC, Victor (Ukraine) – 20m
  • PD2SHB, Bolle (Netherlands) – 20m
  • RA3XFR, Alx (Russia) – 20m
  • OY1DZ, Karstin (Faroe Islands) – 20m