SOTA: LA/VF-013 Jordstøyp

Last activation of the year, and I was hoping to do a 2+3 pointer, but didn’t manage to get away before 2 in the afternoon. So, I had to make do with an “easy” one. The walk up is only about two kilometres, but the total ascent is close to 250m – and most of that is in the last third of the way up. So, surprisingly tired after a relatively easy top. Could of course also have something to do with the traditional Norwegian 6000 kcal/day Christmas “diet”! Anyway; spent 48 minutes getting up, 34 minutes walking back down (in the dark – good thing I brought my headlamp). 40 minutes at the top (most of which was spent working out boring technical issues) yielded the following 5 in the log (all FT4 on 20m):

  • OM6BPA, Slovak Republic
  • M0XJA, England
  • DF4ZS, Germany
  • OM1AN, Slovak Republic
  • 9A4MZ, Croatia