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  • SOTA: LA/BU-116 Skotlia

    SOTA: LA/BU-116 Skotlia

    Winter bonus season is upon us, an it really started out with a bang. Close to -20°C at its coldest, I spent about 1 hour and 10 minutes walking up and about 50 minutes going back down. Easy walk on well maintained forest road for most of the way but I’m glad i brought the…

  • SOTA: LA/TM-091 Austre Nuke

    SOTA: LA/TM-091 Austre Nuke

    Another day, another SOTA. Rounding up the 1-pointers this last weekend before bonus season. Starting next Friday, all the local 2-pointers will yield an additional 3 winter bonus points. So; no ticks and 150% winter bonus! What’s not to like? Well, to answer my own question – snow! Snow’s what’s not to like. Todays summit…

  • SOTA: LA/TM-248 Tiurkollen

    SOTA: LA/TM-248 Tiurkollen

    Winter is fastening its grip once again, which means the forests around where I live are now free of ticks! I’ve been looking forwards to this for quite some time now. Of course activating in sub-zero temperatures has it’s own challenges, and I’m sure by the time spring comes around I’ll be more then happy…