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  • SOTA: LA/TM-043 Sveinsbuvarden

    SOTA: LA/TM-043 Sveinsbuvarden

    For what was reported to be 2023s last day of summer weather, I went for a walk up LA/TM-043 Sveinsbuvarden. The summit at 746m above sea level a has 360° view of the surrounding mountains. The walk up was not much of a challenge, though half way up you’re given the option of taking a…

  • SOTA: LA/BU-112 – Sirikjerke

    SOTA: LA/BU-112 – Sirikjerke

    Leaving for Cyprus tomorrow, and as I’m planing on bringing only the FT-817nd in the way of radio I wanted to do an activation with only the internal (Windcamp upgraded) battery before packing it up! Previously I’ve mostly used the ‘817 with external power, so I was unsure what to expect from the internal pack.…

  • SOTA: LA/TM-012 – Svarteberget

    SOTA: LA/TM-012 – Svarteberget

    Finally! Feels like it been one thing after another on my SOTA outings lately! Dense forest, no track, heavy rain, or even all three! But today was rather perfect! It was pouring down on the drive there, but I decided to have faith in the forecasts, and boy did they deliver! The clouds broke, crisp…