SOTA Summit LA/AH-020 – Mjærskaukollen

Trying something new – since most of the people reading this does not read Norwegian, I’ll try the only other non-computer language I know!

Spent the afternoon activating Mjærskaukollen with my 11 year old! Nice ascent, with no particularly challenging parts. We probably spent a bit more than an hour going up, and a little less then an hour coming back down. The view from the tower on the summit is simply fantastic – you’re above the horisont the full 360°. So, rather nice conditions to play radio! Brought the FT817ND, 15m sleeve dipole, DX Commander 10m pole and the Heil headset. Spotted myself on SOTAWatch, and had the following in the log in less then 20 minutes:

  • EA3EVL Pablo, Spain
  • DG5GSA Stefan, Germany – Summit-to-summit: DM/BW-093
  • F4WBN Christian, France
  • F/HB9EAJ/P Stephan, Swiss in France, Summit-to-summit: FL/VO-003
  • F5PLR Didier, France

Nice conditions and good readability all around. A huge thanks to the chasers and to my companion (who would probably have preferred to stay at home and play Fortnite).