SOTA: LA/TM-010 – Skrehelle

Time for some vertical movement, both for me and Oscar (my son). Winter in Norway makes it too easy to find an excuse to stay indoors. I reckoned Skrehelle (LA/TM-010), with its summit at 553m would do us both some good. And I think I was right. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. Temperatures around 0° (I think that’s about 2 and 3/16 washing machines in Imperial, but I could be wrong), and only a slight breeze. 1 hour 15 minutes walking up, and 55 minutes coming back down. Nice walk, but still rather icy. I was planning on doing some more “real radio” (i.e. SSB), but was a bit out of breath when we got up, so I chickened out and did FT8/FT4 instead. Very nice condition and surprisingly little traffic. The following 11 contacts in less then 25 minutes:

  • EW1ZL, Belarus
  • VK5PO, Australia
  • F5TIL, France
  • SP5FCZ, Poland
  • EI8GP, Ireland
  • DG9BJA, Germany
  • WA2IBZ, U.S.A.
  • UK8FI, Uzbekistan
  • RC2FB, Russia
  • VK6TDF, Australia
  • F/E72T, France