SOTA: LA/BU-092 – Jonsknuten

Nice climb with good friends up LA/BU-092, Jonsknuten (904 metres above sea level). A total elevation of around 150m, but over a distance of just some 600m that makes for a steep ascent! Still, the three slowpokes (LA2IMA Bjørn Ingar, LA1JLA Svein and myself) made it up in about 35 minutes. LA7MHA Tord was already busy on VHF by the time the rest of us got up. Trip down was fast though; about 15 minutes! Less then brilliant conditions on 20m, and with 4 of us activating at the same time more then a little interference. But I quickly logged 6 contacts on 20m FT4, one on VHF Simplex and another two on 20m SSB. Before heading down, Tord did some maintenance on the 2m repeater (LA8KR) while the rest of us enjoyed the absolutely spectacular view! The three others went on to activate LA/TM-068, Lauvåsknollen, but I had the good sense to head home! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • SN550R, Poland (FT4, 20m)
  • PA5COR, Netherlands (FT4, 20m)
  • PA3AGN, Netherlands (FT4, 20m)
  • OE40XTU, Austria (FT4, 20m)
  • SP9TNK, Poland (FT4, 20m)
  • SP9CSE, Poland (FT4, 20m)
  • LB3GE, Norway (2m FM and 20m SSB)
  • LA2DH, Norway (20m SSB)