FT-891: Settings

My quick notes on how to set up my FT-891 after a factory reset. If anyone has a solid understanding of what the “OTHER DISP” and “OTHER SHIFT” settings are all about, and would be willing to explain it to me, please get in touch! I have no idea what these settings are in aid of, but they need to be set as described below (same thing with my FT-991A). I normally don’t use CAT control when using this rig portable, and so the setting for “CAT RATE” is not really needed. Included it as a reminder of where to find it if in case I change my mind in the future.


These sets the TX indicator brightness, activated peak hold on the meter, turns the “beep” way down, enabled the TX timeout timer and sets the AM output power to 20W. I don’t normally use AM except for triggering a tuner, and my CG3000 seems to like about 20W of energy when tuning.

02-04DIMMER TX/BUSY815TX/BUSY Indicator brightness
02-05PEAK HOLDOFF1.0Meter peak hold
05-04BEEP LEVEL303Beep sound volume level
05-14TX TOTOFF5minTX Time-Out Timer
16-02HF AM PWR2520Transmit RF power output on AM (for tuning)
16-0550M AM PWR2520Transmit RF power output on AM (for tuning)

CAT Control

Normally not in use, but here as a reminder if I should want to start using CAT with this rig.

05-06CAT RATE4800bps9600bpsBaud rate for a CAT

For FT8 and FT4

The 3 magical mystery setting (“DATA MODE”, “OTHER DISP” and “OTHER SHIFT”). Again, if you have a solid understanding of the purpose of these settings and the patience to try and explain it to me, please get in touch. All I know is that they need to be set like this. Also, disable the low- and high pass filters, as they only get in the way when running FT8/FT4.

08-01DATA MODEPSKOTHERSOperating scheme in DATA mode
08-03OTHER DISP0Hz1500HzDisplayed frequency offset in DATA mode
08-04OTHER SHIFT0Hz1500HzCarrier point in DATA mode
08-05DATA LCUT FREQ300HzOFFLow-frequency cutoff audio filter in DATA mode
08-07DATA HCUT FREQ3000HzOFFHigh-frequency cutoff audio filter in DATA mode
08-12DATA BFOLSBUSBDATA carrier oscillator injection side